Due to the COVID Pandemic, most of our normal shows were cancelled last year. This made it difficult for you to select an item to buy when you could actually touch or feel it to see how beautiful and unique every item really is.

Now that the COVID numbers are going down, many of the shows are planning to resume once again this year. We have posted the estimated dates on this website under our Schedule. Some of the venues have not been confirmed yet, but we are hoping they will be soon. We are bringing the show to you through our website. We are still adding new items to the website, in case you are unable to attend any of the upcoming shows. We hope this will help you select the perfect item for you or a special person.

The shows we will be attending will still be practicing proper rules as far as distancing and mask protections. We will also have sanitizers in the booth and items will continually be sanitized to help protect anyone who visits our booth.

If you buy any items from our website, we will be sure it is sanitized before shipping. We hope to see you this year healthy and happy.