We are placing photos on the website of completed items in groups. This is to help you get a good understanding of the size of each item in relation to other items that are similar in type, size or color. These photos are not all we have in inventory, but are samples of what we do have.

Rings have been grouped by type of gemstone, such as Opal, Turquoise, Miscellaneous Gemstones or White Buffalo. They are arranged by ring size, smaller on bottom to larger ones on top. Some tags have been left visible to help show the sizes of that area.

Pendants have been arranged by colors, mostly with the larger sized gemstones. Purples, blues, greens and Browns, for example, are placed together to help show sizes of each Pendant. Items shown in these photos are only a small sampling of the many items we have in inventory.

Turquoise Pendants come in many different colors and by having them all put on one page, it is easier to compare the blues, greens and browns together in both size and color.

White Buffalo Pendants have also been put together with the variations of size, types and styles.

We hope these photos will help you when deciding which items you would like to purchase and call your own or to give as a special gift.