Obsidian from Mountains
Sterling Fine Silver Ring
Item #OBSR3

Price: $60.00

Obsidian is just like glass and can sometimes create a unique look when left in its' natural shape. That was done with this obsidian gemstone. To get such a natural and beautiful shape makes this ring one of a kind that can never be duplicated.

The Obsidian Black Stone in this unique Ring came from Nevada. Obsidian looks dark, but if held to the light, it can be seen through. This black obsidian gemstone was cut, polished and completed by hand in Reno NV USA. This beautiful black Semi Transparent Stone has custom made Sterling Silver on the sides and band. The back is Fine Silver (.926). The size of this one of a kind stone is 1-1/2" x 3/41". The ring size is 8. This Beautiful unique Obsidian Ring is perfect gift for Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or other Special Occasion.

This unique natural black obsidian ring that cannot be duplicated would make a perfect pair with a bolo that was also made with Nevada Obsidian and kept in its' natural shape. #BO OBS1.

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